About Spacedmonkey

About Spacedmonkey

Spacedmonkey is a London-based consultancy specialising in large scale WordPress project. Weather you are a small business are a big enterprise, Spacedmonkey can help, get in touch. Spacedmonkey was found about Jonathan Harris.

About Jonathan Harris

Jonathan has been developing websites for over 10 years. Most known for his open source workswith WordPress core, as maintainer of WordPress multisite and building and maintaining a number of key plugins. Pasinate about open source, he is always keen to build, highly maintainable and scale code. Jonathan has worked in web development for nearly 10 years, working for the web agency Xanda. Jonathan also lead a team of 8 developers maintain the Keystone platform for time inc UK.

Open source

Along aside many patches that can be found in WordPress core there are number of plugins that are maintained by Jonathan Harris.

Other plugins I have contributed to in the passed.

Even this site’s theme can be found on github.