What am I working on

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  • This is the first in a series of posts about what I am working on in the open source community. I am currently in a maintainer on WordPress core and have a number of open source projects on the go at any given time. I thought I would start to highlight some of the code / tickets I am working on lately.

    Use metadata api in *_network_options (WordPress Core)

    This is a ticket that has been in the works for a while. Basically under the hood, the network options for WordPress multisite are stored in a meta table. This is standardised format for storing meta data on objects and is used elsewhere in core. The rest of the meta functions (such as get_post_meta) used a defined meta api. However the network options functions do not. This patch seeks to convert the network options over to use the meta api for CRUD functions.

    Replace $wpdb->siteid with get_current_network_id() (WordPress Core)

    The helper function get_current_network_id() was introduced in 4.6. It is already used in a number of places, however there was still references to $wpdb->siteid throughout the core. Accessing the siteid from the wpdb class, is an outdated way of accessing current site.

    Site meta (WordPress Core)

    Site meta is the idea of adding a new table to WordPress multisite that would allow you to easily extend the WP_Site object. This global store for multisite, as many uses, including replacing domain mapping and blog versions tables.

    Add caching to get_adjacent_post (WordPress Core)

    The get_adjacent_post functions are used in for the next and previous posts functions in core. Currently this function has no caching by default. It can be an expensive query, as it is doing a date based sql query.

    Add caching to WP_Query (WordPress Core)

    Current the main query class WP_Query doesn’t have any caching on it. It does have a number of filters and actions, which make it easier to do as a plugin. I worked on a plugin while at Time inc called enhanced post cache. However, I believe core should have this functionality built in. This is a hard ticket to work on, as it effects nearly everything in core. However, I think it is worth while.

    Version 1.2 (Echo js Lazy load)

    Improvements include.

    • Updated Echo.js to 1.7.3 from 1.7.
    • Use data url instead of 1px gif saving another request.
    • Don’t do replacement in REST API.
    • Formatting for tests.

    WP Concatenator ( wp-concatenator )

    Very much a work in progress, but I plugin seeks to make less requests on the server for javascript and css. This will hopefully make the page load much faster, as there are less requests and DNS lookups. If you wish to help me finish this plugin, please get in touch, as I need help code reviewing and testing.

    There are other things I am always working on, but these things have been my focus of late.