Development improvements in WordPress 5.1

This post is extremely late to publish, but I thought I would see publish it anyone, as someone might find it useful. Here are a list of important tickets in the WordPress 5.1 release.


Introduce shared wp_blogmeta database table

Improve site creation in multisite

Implement `wp_initialize_site()` and wp_uninitialize_site()

Introduce `ms-site.php` and `ms-network.php` files

Use total users in WP_User_Query in WP_MS_Sites_List_Table


Add Limit 1 to User query

Add pre filter in count user function

New filter to short circuit WP_User_Query results


Add support for an optional `$options` parameter to `populate_options()`

Ensure a network’s `notoptions` cache is an array to reduce lookup overhead

Meta api

Add LIKE support to meta_key comparisons in WP_Meta_Query

Outsource network option handling from `populate_network()` to a new `populate_network_meta()`

Introduce new `populate_site_meta()` function


Add filter to has_post_thumbnail() to override default thumbnail use

Coding standards

Upgrade WPCS to 2.0.0


When WP_DEBUG is true show better errors for establishing database connection

Expand WP_DEBUG_LOG and make WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY work as expected

WSODs protection returns incorrect content type for JSON Requests