Open for sponsorship

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  • I have been contributing to WordPress since 2015. In my 6 years of contributing I have worked on nearly all parts of core, spreading my contribution to the parts of WordPress I felt that needed me the most. In my time I have help land, some features I am really proud of. These include but are not limited too

    • White screen of death protection.
    • Default meta values
    • WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query.
    • Block types REST API
    • Lazy loading images.
    • WebP support.
    • And many more.

    Today I announce that I’ve started accepting sponsorship via the GitHub Sponsors program. I am asking for sponsorship, so that I can continue to work on open source and dedicate more time to and not be restricted by limited time between client projects. This ensures that going forward, I continue to contribute and keep making the open web better.

    I want to make it clear, even without sponsorship, I will continue to work on open source, but support will help me maintain my plugins and tools and keep them free for everyone.