Noteworthy Contributor in WordPress 6.1

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  • I am super proud to have noted as a noteworthy contributor. It is such an honour to be featured in this list with such great people.

    This was a really big release for me, getting many very long standing ticket merged into core, like adding caching to WP_Query. I worked really hard on performance, even finding last minute performance issues at 1am in the morning.

    The performance improves to WordPress are notable. See these comparisons.

    WordPress 5.9 – 2022 theme

    WordPress 6.0 – 2022 Theme

    WordPress 6.1 – 2022 Theme

    If you are interested in some of the work, that I did as part of the WordPress 6.1 release, you can see the dev notes I wrote on the make WordPress Blog. If you are interested in sponsoring my work, this can be done on gitbub sponsor page.

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